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Masters Program (25+, no experience necessary

Date 2020 Jun 29-Aug 28 Ical
Days/Times Mon. & Wed. 7:30-8:45 & Fri. 6:00-7:15pm
Location PCKC - Johnson Park
Address 2077 Ashburnham Drive

In the world of sprint kayaking/canoeing the term 'Masters' refers to anyone over the age of 25. Our program is ideal for new paddlers, as well as an avid paddler who wants to try a new challenge. Our Masters program will run two days a week teaching adults how to paddle olympic style boats meant for speed! The program will allow participants to try single boats as well as crew boats. Each session involves some sort of on-water workout where we improve our fitness and prepare to potentially race against other canoe clubs around Southern Ontario.

This program runs three nights a week. We offer three practices per week but it is not mandatory to attend all practices.

COST = $300.00+HST ($339.00)

Each practice goes as follows:

- Paddlers arrive around 7:20pm
- All paddlers meet as we decide which boats we will be going in on that day.

- Some paddlers will complete a workout, while others might be working on their balance

- There is a safety boat (motorboat) that will be on the water at all times during practice. It is possible to tip out of your boat! Thats where the safety boat comes in!

- The workout will often involve some sort of interval training with timed durations of paddling. Don't be intimidated! they are designed so that all skill levels can participate and they will be adjusted accordingly.

- Usually we will start to head in around 8:30 which will give us time to put away all the equipment

There are opportunities to race throughout the summer against other clubs. These are optional, but can be a very fun and rewarding experience. During the summer of 2018 we had 8 BRAND NEW paddlers compete at the National Championships and they had a great time!

When you are starting out there is a good chance you will get wet! Come prepared with a change of clothes and a towel.

Prerequisite none
Contact Darren Mossman 416 459-5513
Type Competition
Category Adult Programming
Deadline May 19, 2020 21:00